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Lyra's Art Gallery & Shop
Hello everyone. Aside from being a blogger, I am also into graphic design and photography. If you're a fine artist, photographer, or graphic designer, come and check out what I have for sale at Lyra's Art Gallery & Shop.

Woodworking Course: Learn from a Pro and make some money!
Learn woodworking online. Learn how to select wood, use tools, create joinery, finishing. Make and sell furniture.

Create and Craft 
From sewing to baking and everything in between, Create and Craft is the place for togetherness, inspiration and creativity for the dedicated crafter. 

Learn To Draw 

The best drawing course on Udemy! Feels like a live art class! Learn How To Draw and Sign Up Today! 

Fun and easy course on painting with acrylic paint, covering supplies, colour theory, and painting techniques.

Graffiti Formula - Complete Guide to Graffiti Sketching
The complete beginner's guide to creating legit graffiti sketches. 

Did You Know?
Palmolive is liquid soap commonly used for dishwashing, but did you know that the liquid detergent can be used for something else?

If you're a painter, Palmolive can be used to restore your paintbrushes. To do this, wash the paintbrushes with water and Palmolive after you're done using them. If the brushes have paint caked on them, you can soak them in a mixture of water and Palmolive. You can also rub the liquid soap onto the brushes and leave them out for a while. Palmolive will have your used paintbrushes looking like new again.

For Artists & Crafters
Can't find your products at Michael's or Hobby Lobby? I have another alternative for you - PandaHall. Shop for beads, chains, buttons, and more at this wholesaler. When you're ready to checkout you can take $10 off after you register on their website. 

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