Monday, July 24, 2017

Boba Milk Tea (and more) @ OoFusion

Happy Monday to my fellow blog readers,

One day while in the office, I overheard two of my coworkers talking about carrots and what to make with them. I suggested carrot juice, and then I got into the topic of boba milk tea with them. In case you are wondering, boba milk tea is an Asian drink made with tea (powder), milk, sugar, and chewy tapioca pearls. The tapioca pearls are also known as 'boba' and are a wonderful addition to milk tea. Boba milk tea is also called 'bubble tea'. The drink tastes great when chilled and served with ice. It originated in Taiwan and has become popular in the U.S.A.

I've been drinking boba milk tea for many years now but have never found a place close to my home that sold the drinks already prepared - until my sister introduced me to OoFusion. It's a shop that specializes in boba drinks, smoothies, slushies, teas, and dessert. I haven't tried any of their hot beverages yet, but the cold beverages are phenomenal! You can ask the staff to adjust the flavor of your drink if you prefer something sweeter or less sweet. Aside from boba milk tea, I regularly get OoFusion's Thai tea slushie. You can also get it in a regular tea form, but I prefer the slushie.

A number of my coworkers have birthdays this week, so I decided to treat them to the "exotic" boba milk tea at OoFusion. None of them have ever had boba milk tea before, and all but one loved the drink. My coworker who didn't like boba milk tea is more of a smoothie drinker, and I told him that OoFusion also sells smoothies. I also got everyone some dessert from the shop - a box of assorted macaroons that were eaten faster than the boba milk tea were consumed! So I'm glad I made the trip to OoFusion today. It was a wonderful birthday surprise for my coworkers.

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- Lyra

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