Monday, August 29, 2016

A Call to Local Community Artists

Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Barefoot Spirit

I started reading a new book today and look what I found - an original signed copy from the authors. I wonder who William is.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Fortune Telling

I acquired a deck of Clow Cards (shown above) during my visit to Japantown in San Francisco. After a little research I found a website with instructions on how to use the cards for fortune telling. Here are my results:

Clow Cards:
A.) The Mist
B.) The Jump
C.) The Time
D.) The Shield
E.) The Silent
F.) The Bubbles

According to my interpretations of the cards, any news I get will be shrouded in mystery. I may not receive vital information in time or I may not be able to interpret the news correctly. It may be difficult for me to make out what's true and what's false. I will be challenged with jumping into the next phase of my career or life. My opposing forces are The Time, The Shield, and The Silent. I'm usually a quiet and introverted person, so staying silent is one of my characteristics. Since I'm an introvert, The Shield reflects my lifestyle. I'm shielded from many of the dangers in the world. Or The Shield could mean I've been living a protected life and have become naive to the outside world. It is only a matter of time before I reach the peak of my career. So I either need to be patient while my stars align properly, or I'm running out of time to get to that highlight in my career. The Bubbles foretells of approaching danger. I'm assuming I need to be wary of indigestion, gas, belly bloating, choking on boba milk tea, and/or slipping in the bathtub.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My Learning Experience

Hi everyone. I was away on vacation these past two weeks and didn't have any internet connection. So it's good to be back. This summer I was able to visit various Chinatowns across New York and California. Being in a Chinatown came as a culture shock to me. Here are some things that I learned from my trips:

1. Most establishments in the Chinatowns will not let people use their restrooms. Even at a public library I was asked to show identification and a library card when I asked if there was a restroom on the premises. I left due to the hassle. In short, you need to be a paying customer at an eatery before you are allowed access to the restrooms. There was one establishment that was charging $5 for people to use them. Most of the restrooms are locked and require a key or access code to unlock. Some aren't maintained on a regular basis. Use at your own risk. Bring a packet of tissues to use as spare toilet paper and have a small bottle of hand sanitizer ready.

2. When shopping, try to haggle a bit lower than the listing price. Shop owners will sometimes knock off a few dollars, but don't go overboard with the haggling.

3. Bring a large shopping cart or bag with you. It's no fun carrying around multiple bags all day long.

4. Try to avoid eateries that have no customers inside. If no one is eating there, it either means the staff is on lunch break or the food or service isn't good.

5. Shop owners may use tactics to confuse people in order to get them to spend more money. If the owner tells you one price but the cash register lists something different, either the person who rang you up made a mistake or the business is shady. Don't get pressured to buy more than what you want or need. Don't be tempted to spend more to get a freebie. Most of the time it's not worth it, especially when you're pressured to spend hundreds of dollars just to get an empty jar. Many shops have a "no returns or refunds allowed" policy, so think carefully before making a purchase. Last but not least, if you haven't paid for the merchandise but the cashier tells you the item has already been rung up and can't be deleted from the system, run away as fast as you can.

6. The stairways that lead up and down the shops can be very narrow. There are no ramps. So Chinatown isn't very accommodating to people with disabilities.

7. A lot of businesses will not accept credit cards. So if you plan on staying a while, bring plenty of cash. 

8. When ordering a meal to share, don't expect to get any extra paper plates or bowls. Some establishments will charge you for them. Others will say they don't have any.

This concludes my observations and experiences in the Chinatowns. If you've been a visitor too I'd love to hear about your experiences.