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Sugar detox: Learn to snack sugar-free & reduce cravings
Learn to snack smart with tips, strategies and over 50 sugar-free snack ideas.

Science of Happiness
Six steps to improving your lifelong happiness. Science-driven, whiteboard-story designed, YOU focused.

Learn about PTSD manifestations, processing considerations in EAP/EAL, the ES's role, and see arena activity examples.

Podal Reflexology Massage 
Learn the art of Reflexology. The reflection is an involuntary response to a stimulation of the nerve receptors.

For The Night Owls
Having an all-night study session? Get Folgers Classic Roast Ground Coffee, 33.9 Oz to help you stay awake.

Helping Those In Need

Ask yourself the following questions:

- Are you a student in medical school?

- Are you a working health professional?

- Do you provide care for an elderly, ill, or disabled person?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the questions, please visit Medical Supply Depot to find out how they can help you.

The Health Benefits Of Altoids

Did you know that the famous Altoids can be beneficial to your health? Aside from freshening up your breath, sucking on these mints can help relieve nausea and stomach pains. Mints can help you recall things from memory. They can keep you awake and alert during important times, such as when you are driving or during an exam. So keep a box of Altoids in your vehicle or bag in case of emergencies.

When Drinking Water...
Did you know that drinking too much ice cold water can slow down your digestive system and cause bloating, gas, and obesity? Find out more right here.

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