Sunday, May 15, 2016

Happy Bunday!

I would like to dedicate today's post to Penny Collins. Penny is an artist and an activist for the safety and protection of rabbits. She is also the creator of the popular website known as Raging Bunnies. Penny currently resides in Toledo, Ohio with her three rabbit pals named Lance, Russette, and Samuel L. Jackson a.k.a. Sammy.

The cute factor draws a lot of people into getting rabbits as pets. However, many people are not aware that rabbits require a lot of time and attention. They find out after the fact that their pets are more than they can handle. This results in the unfortunate circumstance of abandoning rabbits in unsafe locations. People presume their pet rabbits will be able to survive in the wilderness on their own, but this is not true. They can end up as roadkill or as food for other animals. Please think carefully before deciding to have a rabbit. 
Post Easter Adventure
Penny Collins

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  1. Penny is an excellent artist who uses her talent (superpower) for good giving a voice to the voiceless and raising much needed awareness advocating for our rabbit companions.